What you'll learn:

·       How to Optimize your Profile

·       Tips and Tricks for Accelerating the Growth of Your Network

·       How to Hide Your Connections

·       How to See Who’s Been Viewing Your Profile

·       How to Evaluate a Linkedin Group Before You Join It

·       Group Networking Best Practices

·       Generate Leads in Linkedin Answers

·       Embed Profile Badges on any Website

·       Embed Share Buttons on any Website

·       Crowdsource Industry News

·       Use Sign-In with Linkedin Buttons

·       How to Use the iPhone Linkedin App

·       How to Use the iPad Linkedin App

·       Branded B2B Social Networks

·       B2B Social Networking Strategy

·       Managing B2B Social Networks

·       The ROI of B2B Social Networking


·       And much, much more

Course Content

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  • About this Instructor
  • Promotional Materials
  • Housekeeping