20 Dirt Cheap Ways to Promote Your Business

Following are 20 Direct Cheap Ways to Promote Your Business on the internet. Its cheapest way help you to increase your leads, calls and sales. Keeping your brand top of mind is one of the hardest tasks of any entrepreneur. The following twenty tips are meant to reinvigorate interest in your brand without emptying your wallet.

  1. Twitter: While millions of people are aware of its existence, most people have yet to use the medium to interact with their client base. The biggest advantage of Twitter is getting involved in the conversation about your brand. It allows you to answer questions, address concerns and put out fires before they start.
  2. Facebook: Facebook’s Fan Page system allows you to identify trends among your fanbase. It is an excellent medium for speaking to your target audience to entice them with everything from the smallest promotion to large-scale contests.
  3. Blogging: Blogging gives your brand a personal voice. Use this medium to highlight stories of brand interactions and to offer tips and tricks for situations related to your brand.
  4. Press Releases: Press releases allow search engine scourers the opportunity to read stories about your brand. It is a great way to infuse the internet with positive energy and controlled messages about your brand.
  5. Monthly HTML Newsletters: Remind your customers of upcoming events, special offers, and important information about your brand. Newsletters bring your brand to the customer, as opposed to waiting for them to find you.
  6. Youtube contests: If you give your customers the opportunity for 15 seconds of fame, they’ll be much more likely to engage in a contest. Arrange Youtube contests that allow the winner to be featured on the company’s main website or in poster advertisements.
  7. Coupons: Set up online printable coupons and codes. Many people are still moved to shop when presented with even the smallest discount.
  8. Join Hobby groups and hand out branded promotional items: Look through the Classifieds and identify upcoming group meetings that might include members of your target market. Attend a meeting and offer branded items to individuals you connect with.
  9. Place your newsletter or informational packets in service-based businesses that require waiting: Ipod AppsWaiting rooms can become very boring, so have your branded materials be available at the local salon or doctor’s office for idle hands. Usually, these organizations don’t mind offering up their coffee table as long as they are offered some small incentive.
  10. Email Contests: Make it a game for your customers to increase your brand awareness.  Set up contests that involve customers showing some form of proof of advertising your brand in their own way.
  11. Free samples: Offer free samples outside of your stores or along with orders to entice users to try new product offerings.
  12. Create A Website: Even if you are a service brand, informational websites that include blogs, games or trivia challenges can increase the time spent experiencing your brand, increasing mindshare.
  13. Set up an informational booth close to the food court at the largest local mall: With a few folding tables, chairs and a branded tablecloth, mall goers won’t be able to resist a peek at your merchandise. Be sure to contact the mall management first to get the okay.
  14. Get In The News: Become involved in community service projects that receive news coverage, and piggyback on that.
  15. Bundle: Find out if another brand in your network is interested in cross bundling. If so, a small campaign with this partner could benefit both parties. Make sure to establish a real link between the products and how they can be used together.
  16. Celebrate with your best customers: Send mailings (Email or direct) for conventional and non-conventional holidays that might increase interest in your brand. For example, an Earth day mailing might be a great holiday to highlight a flower shop.
  17. Sponsor Online Groups Localized by your target: Message boards are another great way to expand your brand’s reach. Consider the topics that impact your brand, and join online groups that discuss these issues.
  18. Non-Conventional Direct Mail: A cleaning service once experimented with sending branded sponges to their target market. Some of the individuals ultimately ended up using the sponges, and this increased the awareness of that household. Find ways to inspire your customers with small but useful objects.
  19. Offer Gift Certificates: Allow your customers to give the gift of your brand during a holiday or special occasion. It is a great way to bring in new business with an existing favorable impression.
  20. Call Your Best, Worst, and Medium customers once a month: Make exclusive offers to the callers and monitor the success of the calls.

Stray from the ordinary branding tactics and try some of the more interactive ideas. Stay current and interesting. Be open to trying many ideas at once, because the more present your brand is in your customers’ lives, the more likely they are to choose your product when a need arises.

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